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10 Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Get your kids something special for the christmas season.

By Richard Nov 13, 2017

With Christmas coming up in just a few short weeks it’s time to start thinking about stocking stuffers.

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the pure joy reflected in your child’s eyes on Christmas morning. But a few years in, and it becomes increasingly difficult to find the perfect small gifts to surprise your kids with. We know the hassle, trust us.

The good news? There are a lot of small toys and trinkets out there that will make your kids leap with joy. The even better news? Below you’ll find the best stocking stuffers in stores right now. Just grab a cup of coffee and let us do the work for you!

Stocking Stuffer Slinky

Original Slinky Brand Slinky

from $15

Buy Now

An oldie, but definitely still a goldie. Some toys won't ever go out of style and the iconic Slinky is one of them.

There's nothing more fun than to toy around with this spiral. Pretending to play an accordion, bounding the wriggly curls back and forth, watching it tumble down a flight of stairs - the possibilities are endless.
If you haven't one at home yet, the Slinky is the perfect stocking stuffer. And we're sure the adults will love to have a go at relieving their childhood just as well.

Stocking Stuffer PlayDoh

Play-Doh Party Bag

from $6

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Whether you choose to gift your child with all 15 cans at once or decide to keep a few in store for little surprises later in the year, the party bag is the perfect choice for a well-loved stocking stuffer.

The great variety of colours in the individual packages are sure to keep your child occupied for quite some time. And what's more, the non-toxic gum will set your child's imagination into overdrive, letting it mold small figures from each of the cans or combine them to make elaborate designs.
And if you're asked to join in the fun, we bet you'll have a blast as well.

Stocking Stuffer Antlers

Fun Express Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

from $6

Buy Now

You've got a bunch of kids to entertain? Your child will meet their cousins at the grandparents over the holidays? Or you're excited to demonstrate your excellent tossing skills to your offspring?
The inflatable reindeer antlers are a guaranteed success and will easily make the best Christmas stocking filler ever list in your child's mind.

Both the antlers as well as the rings are made of inflatable plastic, so there's no danger of the kids getting hurt, no matter how good or bad their aim is.
We swear the product will be an absolute hit in your family, guaranteeing for a lot of fun for young and old alike!

Stocking Stuffer BathDropz

Crayola Color Bath Dropz

from $7

Buy Now

Your kid loves to take a bath? Or you want to make your child enjoy bath-time more than they currently do? Then the Crayola Color Bath Dropz are the perfect choice for your stocking.
And while it looks like its made for younger children, taking relaxing baths in vibrantly coloured water is a hit with teens and young adults as well.

The tin contains 60 fragrance-free tints that change the water's colour in seconds. And even better: colours can be combined to make new, appealing hues.
And what's more: we promise these colours won't stain either your bathtub, nor your child. The fizzy tablets are an all around fun that will leave you with no additional work once bath-time is over.

Stocking Stuffer MonsterTattoo

Monster Hand Tattoo Sets

from $12

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Your child loves to act out whatever story they come up in their head? And nine times out of ten these stories feature dragons or other monsters? Well, then we have the perfectly fun thing to surprise them with in their Christmas stocking!

The unique temporary tattoos transform hands into fearsome dragons, bloodthirsty monsters, or sweet companions that will protect the princess' life.
The tattoos are easy to apply with just a bit of water and are of course non-toxic and perfectly safe for your children.
The pack contains two sets of eight monster each, promising long hours of creative fun for you and your offspring.

Stocking Stuffer Snowman

Kangaroo's "Do You Want to Build a Snowman"

from $20

Buy Now

This sweet DIY set is just the perfect stocking idea for kids who like to build. And with the lovely snowman design this set is perfectly suited for this time of year, no matter if you live in an area where there's actual snowfall or not.

The set contains foam putty that can be molded in your preferred shapes as well as stick-in arms, eyes, nose and mouth. And what's more: the putty can be re-shaped as often as you want until the perfect snowman sees the light of day. Once your child is happy with their new friend, simply let the foam harden and you'll have a winter-themed companion for many years to come.
And since the purchase contains three individual packs, you can have a go at building your very own snowman alongside your kid.

Stocking Stuffer Lego Minifigures

LEGO Minifigures

from $4

Buy Now

With each of the surprise packs containing one of 16 LEGO figures, this is the perfect gift for anybody who loves to play with the Danish building blocks.

The small packages fit perfectly into any stocking and will rank high in your child's favour. The added bonus of these minifigures? They come in surprise packs, so there's no telling with what you'll end up. From corn cob man to veterinarian with an accompanying bunny, everything is possible.
Rely on fate and let yourself be surprised by what you'll get alongside your child!

Stocking Stuffer Streamer

Sarah's Silks 9-Foot Long, Vibrant , Rainbow Silk Streamer

from $12

Buy Now

Your little girl fancies herself a gymnast? Or just loves to dance?
Encourage your child's creativity and fantasy by providing a colourful accessory that makes moving around even more appealing.

With its sturdy wooden shaft and incredibly good-quality silk ribbon, this streamer will bring joy and happiness to whomever uses it. (And trust us, you'll want to have a go at it yourself. It's just that much fun!)
And if you've got a cat at home, the Rainbow Streamer will prove to be the best stocking stuffer ever, keeping kids and pets entertained alike.

Stocking Stuffer Stickers

Awesome Assortment: Stickers Variety Pack

from $11

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Stickers are always a huge hit in any Christmas stocking. With this variety pack containing a whopping number of 5100 stickers, your child will be entertained for a long time.

And since there's so many of them in this package, your little one won't notice if you keep a few sheets for the time being, using them later on as encouragement on chore charts, for potty training, or as rewards for tasks done well. An all around great choice for your child's Christmas stocking.

Stocking Stuffer Jenga

Jenga Mini Game

from $11

Buy Now

And another one of the classics most of us have grown up with (or still enjoy to play with in this case) that makes our list of perfect stocking stuffers.

Just as its big brother, this pocket-sized version of the much beloved game of skill, will bring hours of joy to your children. And once the kids are in bed, there's no reason to not have the adults see who's skilled enough to not make the tower topple over.
Even if there's a full-sized version of the game in your cupboard already, we're sure your kids will enjoy to have an easy-to-pack Jenga around to take along on holidays, day-trips, or parties.

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