ß Best Baby Christmas Outfits 2018 - Festive Season Clothing for your Baby

Best Baby Christmas Outfits 2018

Get your baby dressed for the festive season.

Best Baby Christmas Outfits
By Sarah Dec 1, 2017

There’s no question: Babies are cute. (Mostly.)

Is there a way to make them even cuter? Definitely!
How, you ask? Easy. Combine the cuteness of a tiny human being with the sparkle and festivity of their first Christmas.

Sounds vague? How about this then: Dress up your baby in the best Christmas outfits currently available and make relatives and adoring friends swoon.

We guarantee your sweetie pie will be the absolute star under the tree wearing these stunning outfits!


Baby Christmas Outfit Reindeer Onesie

Reindeer Baby All-in-one

from $49

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We have just two words for you: knitted onesie!
There's arguably nothing sweeter than a baby in knitted apparel in winter.
Actually... there is! Top the knitted goodness off with the image of Rudolph the Reindeer frolicking across the baby's belly, and you're easily in the realm of swoon-worthy cuteness.

Baby Christmas Outfit Penguin

Christmas Penguin Hooded Romper

from $69

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Penguins are the classiest of all animals. Dressed up in their tux they are always ready for a classy party.
And Christmas is the perfect occasion to wear your finery. There's no better time to dress up your little one than Christmas eve.
And if we combine the natural cuteness of your baby with the natural class of a tux-wearing penguin, greatness ensues! We promise!

Baby Christmas Outfit Plaid Romper

Deer Print Plaid Romper

from $11

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Plaid has experienced a definite revival these past years. And deer are always a nice add-on to your Christmas decorations.
While the overall look definitely has a certain retro feel to it, we sure think that combining this with the freshness of a new-born human goes a long way.
This romper is a lovely outfit for the stylish baby in your life and makes them shine in front of the open fire. Santa will love it, and we do too!

Baby Christmas Outfit Deer Bodysuit Girl

Bowknot Deer Bodysuit

from $6

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Keeping with the deer theme, we're going to sparkle it up a bit.
Dress your baby girl in this shiny bodysuit and she will be the star under the tree.
With the cheeky bow and the stylish leg warmers, this outfit is just too cute to be true! A guaranteed instant success with the whole family!

Baby Christmas Outfit Snowflake Playsuit Boy

Snowflake Coat+Romper Playsuit

from $7

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And here's our pick for fancy bodysuit for boys.
A bit less sparkly than the girl's outfit above, but not a bit less stylish! With the pixelated snowflake pattern, and the stylized deer, this playsuit would scream Christmas even without the unbelievably cute bow-tie added to the mix.
Classy and stylish, this romper will make your baby boy a real Christmas baby that will capture hearts all over the place.

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