ß Best Coworker Gifts 2018 - Impress your Colleagues With These Presents

Best Coworker Gifts 2018

The perfect gifts to amaze your coworker.

Best Coworker Gifts
By Richard Dec 3, 2017

Whether it’s the annual office-wide Secret Santa, the Happy Birthday goodie for your favourite colleague, or a small surprise for a job well-done (or saving your sorry butt in that tight spot of the project), finding gifts for your coworkers can become a real challenge these days.
Either you don’t know them too well, or you like them that much that just giving a generic gift isn’t an option.

We know the struggle, and while there’s always  the option of buying a bunch of flowers or that fancy bottle of wine, we like to be a bit more creative than that.
So we sat down, pooled our collective experience, and have collected info on the favourite small gifts we have either received or given ourselves.

Have fun chosing, and enjoy the smile on your coworker’s face!

Coworker Gift Punching Ball

Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

from $19

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An instant success with our whole office. Given by a thoughtful friend, the punching ball has withstood pummeling from everybody on the team. Repeatedly.
Even in the best work-space, stress and tension sometimes take over. But with this great gift, it's easy to get rid of excess energy, bad mood, or that occasional murderous temper-flare without ending up at your co-worker's throat.
Gift your coworker with this punching ball, and help them stave off that seemingly unavoidable impeding meltdown.

Coworker Gift Mug Tabs

Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug with Lid

from $30

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Everybody has that one coworker who seems to constantly work on multiple projects, juggling tons of tasks, and trying to keep afloat of everything that may or may not come up.
No wonder these people sometimes need a minute or two to find their trail of thought, particularly when you pop them an important question out of nowhere.
This simple, yet stylish coffee mug captures the reality of the multi-tasking coworker's daily struggles beautifully. And could also be used as a wordless explanation for extended silences while said coworker orders their thoughts.

Coworker Gift Hairpin

Geometric Metal Hairpins

from $6

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You know that one coworker who always shows up with the most beautiful hairdos, no matter how early a start you have?
Surprise her with this lovely collection of 6 geometrical hairpins. They're easy to use, look great, and manage to fit just as well into a shared workspace environment as to the big gala night on that fancy conference.

Coworker Gift Multitool

Stainless Steel 11-in-1 Survival Tool

from $8

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That guy three desks over who looks like he could wrestle down a bear while setting up a tent with his free hand even though you're pretty sure he's an exclusive city dweller? We've got the perfect gift for him!
With an assortment of useful tools, both for small repairs in the city or on that survival trip out in the middle of nowhere, this credit card sized gadget will be an instant hit with the guys in your office (and the tough girls as well!). Sporting a knife, screwdrivers, can opener, and a saw among others, this handy little tool will come in useful in a myriad of situations.

Coworker Gift Coffee Mug

Glass Coffee Mug

from $28

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We all know the problem. It's early morning, the first hectic buzz of the day is in full swing, everybody wants a word with you. But you haven't had that life-saving first cup of coffee yet.
In other words: your communication-skills are non-existent.
Let your coworkers know you're definitely not a functioning human being yet, but working your way up to being back to your trouble-solving self, without having to utter a single word with this great glass mug.
This simply is the perfect gift for your coworkers or yourself!

Coworker Gift Speks

Speks Buildable Magnets

from $25

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Sometimes all it takes to get your creative juices flowing is something to fiddle around with. We've all been there, and we're sure your coworkers have as well.
Take their fiddling-game to the next level with these magnetic balls. Not only are they mashable and perfectly lend themselves to mindlessly assemble, their absolute plus is the fact that building intricate patterns and figures is so very easy.
Steel your nerves and calm your thoughts by building a pyramid or cube and leave your fiddle-tool out on your desk without it looking out of place even in a tough negotiation.

Coworker Gift Voodoo Notepad

Paper Voodoo Note Pad

from $8

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Some days are more stressful than others. And some customers or coworkers are more annoying than they should be.
Help your team member destress by gifting them with this handy voodoo doll notepad. (Because let's face it - nothing is more relaxing than torturing that annoying person with imaginary pinches and stabs. Sorry, not sorry!)

Coworker Gift Cactus

Cork Cactus Memo Holder

from $14

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We totally get that sometimes it's hard to remember every little thing that should be done at any given day. Or to not forget that random thought that has just popped into your mind, but needs to take a backseat for the moment.
Help your coworker, and your office, be more organized with this stylish cork cactus that doubles as a cute storage for pins, paper clips, or hair ties.

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