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Best Indoor Firewood Racks 2018

By Richard Jan 4, 2018

One of the best ways to face the cold of late fall and winter is to snuggle up in front of a roaring fire. Add some cozy blankets, tasty drinks and maybe a sweet treat or two… heaven on earth, right?

Well, yes. Until you have to leave your cozy nest to fetch some new logs from the freezing outdoors. And those cold pieces of wood rarely burn well, do they?

The solution is easy – invest in a good quality indoor firewood rack. Not only will you have additional logs to feed your fire at hand whenever you need them, these log racks add a touch of rustic style to your living-room. Long gone are the times when you had to stack firewood in precarious piles. Thankfully.

The following indoor firewood racks are incredibly handy, yes. But they do look great as well! Just pick the one that fits your home’s style best and never again worry about having to leave that glorious warmth of a fire roaring in front of you!

Firewood Rack Panacea Log Bin with Carrier

Panacea Log Bin with Leather Carrier

from $65

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Easy to assemble, this sturdy rack can be used in two ways.
Wood can be either stacked inside the frame, or the included convenient leather tote bag can be simply hung from the handles, keeping the logs ready until you need to make your next trip outside for more.
The firewood rack doesn't hold a large quantity of logs, but it is perfectly sized for smaller spaces.

Firewood Rack Log Rack with Tools

Fireplace Log Rack with 4 Tools

from $65

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Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this log rack will serve you well for a long time to come.
With its four hooks and two shelves, this rack needs all your open fire needs. Whether you chose to use both shelves for wood, or designate the lower shelf to hold papers or your fire-starter equipment, the vertical rack will look just great next to your hearth.
The log rack is easy to assemble and comes with four tools: tongs, poker, broom and shovel. It's a great all-in-one set for an incredible price!

Firewood Rack Minimalist Log Rack

Frame Log Holder

from $199

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This minimalist firewood rack fits right into even the most modern living room, combining the quiet warmth of wood with stylish design.
The four dividers allow air circulation, helping to dry out any residual moisture.
The rack is easy to assemble and looks good in about any home.

Firewood Rack Steel Wire Basket

Steel Wire Firewood Basket

from $101

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For those looking for a combination of tried classics and a more modern look, this basket is just the right choice.
Not a rack in the traditional sense of the word, this 12'' steel wire basket gets the job done just as well and additionally doubles as a convenient way to carry logs into the house.
The no-fuss design and sturdy yet delicate look of the weave makes the basket a great choice for anyone looking for a slightly different, yet still stylish way of storing their firewood.

Firewood Rack Tangkula Log Holder

Tangkula Log Holder

from $86

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This curvy rack meets your needs when you're looking for a rack that's able to hold a large quantity of wood without having to sacrifice style.
The heavy-duty steel tube construction is sturdy but with around 60 lbs it's just light enough to be easily placed wherever you need it in your home.
Another bonus is the fact that the rack can also withstand the elements, so it can double as campfire wood rack in the summer.

Firewood Rack Sunnydaze Log Rack with Kindling Holder

Sunnydaze Log Rack with Kindling Holder

from $75

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Simplistic, yet straightforward and stylish, this rectangular log rack fits about any decor that can be found in a living room.
With its durable steel frame, the rack lends itself to load it with enough wood to last a long night in front of a roaring fire, or two.
Additionally, the rack comes with a removable, flexible kindling holder, helping you to keep everything you need to enjoy the homely feeling of sitting in front of an open fire within easy reach. This firewood rack is an all around great bargain you'll love to have in your home.

Firewood Rack Wrought Iron Log Holder

Wrought Iron Firewood Stacking Rack

from $40

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The classic art of this firewood rack is enhanced with its delicate leave design and will fit into modern homes just as well as it fits into more rustic living rooms.
The rack is made of solid steel and holds a large quantity of logs, easily enough for a long cold day or night.
And the best? When not in use, the rack can be easily folded flat for convenient storage! This decorative rack is just the perfect companion for a cozy, enjoyable winter time!

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