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Best Kid Night Lights 2018

Lights that let your kids sleep well, so you can sleep well.

By Sarah Nov 17, 2017

Every parent knows how easily children can get scared during the night, so having a list of the best kid night lights might help you to make your child’s sleep peaceful.

Waking up to rustling tree branches, someone shouting in the streets, or a thunderstorm rolling in is doubly frightening when you find yourself in pitch black darkness. The easy way out? A small night light that gives assurance and the knowledge of being safely at home once awake, but doesn’t disturb the child’s sleep.

These days the available options seem endless. Ranging from cute figures to elaborate galaxies projected throughout the room, it is hard to not loose track of what you really want and need. We’ve collected the best night lights for kids of all ages to make the choice easier for you!

Night Light Soaiy

SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp

from $40

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The SOAIY Aurora Projector does exactly what the name promises and more.
The calming view of colours and shapes undulating all around the room reliably soothes your child to sleep. And if you've had a long day, you too will benefit from the relaxing atmosphere it creates in seconds.

With the dome cover on, the projector becomes a simple night light. Without the cover you can marvel at the beauty of an aurora from the comfort of your own bed.
Additionally, you can pair the projector with your phone, adding lullabies, meditation music, or your child's favourite bedtime story to the experience.

Night Light GoLine

GoLine Cat LED Night Light

from $25

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This light is simple, yet effective. If you're looking for the no-frills option that just offers a bit of reassuring light when needed, the GoLine will be the best night light for you.

With its cute cat design, the little figurine will capture the heart of your child in an instant. And you will love its soft light and many colour options as well. Whether you just want to check up on your child, need to change diapers or breastfeed, the soft glow of the GoLine night light gives you enough light to see without needlessly waking your child up fully.
The GoLine can be easily switched on by a simple tap on the head, and will keep your child's room lightly lit for up to 15 hours with just one charge.

Night Light Light Blocks

Sound-Activated Light Blocks

from $30

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You've got a little explorer at home that is obsessed with building stuff for themselves? Your child is creative and wants to design their own night light - preferably a new one each day?
We've got the perfect product for you!

The aptly named Light Blocks comes with a rechargeable power base and sets of 50 to 240 blocks. Blocks can be assembled in any way to create unique, creative buildings that make your children proud designers of their own perfect night lights.
You can chose between three different light options, and have the additional possibility of activating the light with a clap or other sounds.

In other words: this night light is the top choice for creative children and playful adults alike.

Night Light Mokoqi

MOKOQI Night Lighting Lamp

from $20

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This product can be either used as a simple night light, or can project whole galaxies across your child's room.
Should you fancy a bit more action that draws the eye and keeps your kids occupied until they fall asleep, you can set the device to rotate, sending stars and moons dancing.

If you're looking for something to incorporate into your child's bedtime routine that eases them to sleep as well as for a night light, the MOKOQI might be the perfect choice of night light for you.

Night Light Munchkin

Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

from $9

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Once your child is old enough to visit the toilet or come seeking refuge in your bedroom by themselves, a night light that can easily be carried along comes in handy.

This cute owl-shaped light has an easy to grasp handle and can be turned on with just one click. It comes with a timer that automatically switches the light off after 20 minutes. Additionally, this great night light can be safely taken to bed in case a more immediate light-source is needed to put your kid to sleep. It stays cool to the touch and is safe to hold on to after a nightmare or when a trip to the safety of the parent's bed is needed.

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