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Best Laptop Bags 2018

The best way to carry your laptop secure and without hassle.

Best Laptop Bags
By Richard Nov 11, 2017

We all know the hassle of lugging our laptops around. Even today, where computers weigh hardly anything at all, taking everything you need with you can prove a challenge. Because let’s be honest – it isn’t just our laptops we want and need to take along. There’s chargers, a whole lot of add-ons like mouses and battery packs, cell phone, wallet, keys, possibly a notebook or two, maybe a kindle or old-fashioned book to entertain us in down times or on public transport, and that’s just the things that spring to mind without thinking.

In other words: we don’t need just any laptop bag in our life. We need a durable, flexible, all-in-one bag that not only stores everything we might need, but also looks fashionable and professional. But don’t worry! Your search for the best laptop bag is now over! Let us introduce you to the top laptop bags currently on the market:

Laptop Bag Amazon

AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag

from $15

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Simple, yet in true classic style, this laptop bag is the perfect companion for all occasions. The bag can easily store a 15.6 inch laptop while still seeming incredibly compact, making this choice the best laptop bag for your every need.

The large laptop pocket and two additional smaller pockets offer more than enough space for all your gadgets and necessities.
The bag itself comes with comfortable handles, but fares just as well on longer routs with the included shoulder strap.

KomalC Laptop Bag

KomalC 15 Inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

from $180

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With the iconic messenger bag design, this laptop bag made out of hand-tooled buffalo leather promises to be a life-long companion without ever looking out of style.

No matter if at college, in a prestigious law firm, or somewhere inbetween, the KomalC messenger bag is the perfect choice for you.
The handy compartments, two front pockets and a zippered back pocked offer enough space to store anything you need to take along and still have everything in easy reach.

Promini Bag

Promini Water Resistant Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

from $40

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This laptop bag is the best bet when you're looking for a very versatile backpack that will make your days at school, college or navigating a city as easy as possible.

With its waterproof fabric, the curved shoulder straps, and the economic design, the Promini backpack allows you to carry around everything you need while at the same time protecting your back the best way possible.
Speaking of all the things you could take along: the backpack comes with three main compartments, a whooping seven smaller inner pockets, and a secure pocket at the back, and gives you all the space and order you could want. The real highlight, however, is the built-in USB cable, that allows to conveniently charge your phone while you're out and about.

Everki Laptop Bag

Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

from $203

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When it comes to capacity, nothing beats the Everki Titan. This backpack is the single most top laptop bag when it comes to storage with its filling volume of 40L!

And if you're worried you'll never find anything in a backpack that large, think again. With its 180 degree opening for the main compartment, 2 additional separate bigger sections all with a number of smaller pockets and nets, and a felt-lined top access pocket for your gadgets, we can guarantee that everything has its place in this great bag.
Additionally, the five-point strap system distributes the weight you're lugging around perfectly, giving you a lightweight experience, even if the backpack is filled to the brim.

Tomtoc Notebook Bag

Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve

from $50

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If you're in the market for a classic laptop sleeve, but still want a couple smaller pouches to store accessories and your wallet and keys, the Tomtoc will be the perfect choice for you.

The thick, but very lightweight protective inner lining of the sleeve guarantees optimal storage of your device. Additionally, the protective ridge all around the sleeve will keep your laptop as safe as possible even when dropped or up close and personal with a brunt force like an opening airbag.
In other words, the Tomtoc sleeve is the best laptop bag if you go for an easy to carry addition to your regular handbag or if you generally don't like to lug around more than the bare necessities.

90Fun Laptop Bag

90FUN 14 Inch Laptop Backpack

from $40

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You want a backpack that doesn't look like one at the first glance? You're stylish and are looking for a laptop bag that stands out from those around you just as you do? Then the 90FUN is your best bet.

With its unique front hiding a large extra pocket, the padded laptop compartment in the back, and a cleverly hidden umbrella pocket, this backpack is the perfect companion for urban dwellers. Needless to say, but the 90FUN also comes with comfortable shoulder straps and is water proof, making it the perfect laptop bag for students and stylish workers.

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