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Best Ski Helmets 2018

Best Ski Helmets
By Richard Nov 24, 2017

No matter if you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. Whether you prefer a freshly primed slope or free-riding through powder. If you’re an avid skier or have found your freedom on a snowboard. No matter who you are or where your preferences lie, there’s one thing that connects us all: the need for a good ski helmet.

These days, thankfully, safety does indeed come first on the slopes all around the globe. Riding without a helmet is increasingly frowned upon, and rightly so.
And while there certainly were times where ski helmets were not at all something to look at and enjoy wearing, these days they come in an increasingly variety of styles, colours, and features that make them comfortable on top of being safe. Slap on a few add-ons, make them more individual, let them be your trusted camera mount, and just enjoy a day out in the snow.

We’ve collected some of the best ski helmets currently on the market below to help you make the right choice to keep your head safe and warm.

Ski Helmet Maze

Smith Optics Maze

from $110

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The Maze impresses with a compact, clean design, incredible light weight, and 9 vents that promise a good climate control even on the most challenging of rides.
The incredible choice of 18 colours to pick from guarantees that you'll find the perfect ski helmet to go with your clothes and equipment. On a number of the colours, you will also get MIPS protection on top of the general guaranteed protection the basic helmets offer. (MIPS stands for Multi Directional Impact Protection System)

The Maze is the perfect choice for all terrains and weather. It impresses with its great versatility and the incredibly lightweight build. It doesn't come with a lot of features, but exactly that makes it the perfect companion for any number of activities. It's an uncomplicated, straight forwards helmet that will last you for a long time.
When it comes to price vs. functionality, the Smith Maze is the best ski helmet you can get.

Ski Helmet Lucky Bums

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet

from $34

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You're not sure yet if skiing or boarding is your thing? Or you love being on the slope but only get the chance to live your passion one or two days a year?
Then the Lucky Bums is just the helmet for you. With its incredibly low price range the helmet doesn't make a big dent in your finances, but protects you perfectly well none the less. And while you might expect a limited range of choices with this price, there's actually a wealth of colours to pick your favourite from.

With its two reinforced layers in an ABS and EPS construction the Lucky Bums guarantees great impact protection. The insides and ear pads are lined with an hypoallergenic, antibacterial fabric, that will make sure you feel comfortable and anything but itchy even on your last ride downhill. The meshed inner layer allows for ample airflow through the stylish vents, aiding you to keep a cool head even on the steepest slope.
For a low budget, the Lucky Bums is the perfect ski helmet that will keep you comfortable and well protected on the slopes.

Ski Helmet Vantage

Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Helmet

from $260

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This helmet is just impressive. There really is no other word for it.
Yes, the price might make you swallow. We totally get that. But what you're getting for your money is really top-notch technology and unparalleled comfort coming together in a stylish, sleek design.

The quality of the Smith Vantage MIPS can be seen in every detail - outside as well as inside. The helmet comes with Smith's distinctive honeycomb Aerocore construction, that promises top notch energy absorption and distribution in a crash. The insides are covered with a stable, yet unbelievably comfortable liner that has your whole head protected securely. An optional MIPS liner promises additional brain protection in the event of an angled impact.
And all those safety features combined weigh next to nothing. Really. You put on the helmet and promptly forget its even there. It's that comfortable and light. Not only that, but it will keep you cool as well. An incredible number of 21 vents that are controlled by two separate sliders make sure you can easily customize the helmet to be as warm or vented as you like it.

We could go on and on about the features and advantages waiting for you, but we'll keep it at that: If you're out and about on skis or board often and don't mind to spend a little more money for optimal comfort and protection, the Vantage MIPS is the best ski helmet you treat yourself with.

Ski Helmet Ledge

Giro Ledge MIPS: Snow Helmet

from $80

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An MIPS-equipped helmet for less than $100? Yes!
The Giro Ledge gives you the whole range of advanced angled-impact protection for a small budget.

Still need more convincing? That's easy as well! The sleek hard-shell helmet comes with a comfortable lining, stack ventilation, removable earpads, a goggle retainer (also removable), and is compatible with Giro's audio systems.
All around the sleek design combined with a multitude of colours to chose from will make you feel right at home on any slope. The helmet will keep you well protected under any circumstances and it's the right ski helmet for you if you're looking for a veritable bargain. MIPS protection and comfort for less than 100 dollars. It really doesn't get better in this price category!

Ski Helmet Dirus 2-in-1

Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard / Bike & Skate Helmet

from $40

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You're at home on a mountainbike just as much as you love carving through powder in the winter? Then you might want to take note now!
The Traverse Dirus is a steady companion that will keep your head safe all year long. Whether in the snowy cold of winter, or downhill in hot summer sunshine, the interchangeable lining guarantees a perfect snug fit in both seasons.

The helmet's fit can be easily customized to your head with the adjustable dial and chinstrap. The comfortable, warm plush fleece netted cap and earmuff can be quickly removed and the 10 vents for air circulation help you keep a clear head in the heat as well as in the cold.
With the reduced design this versatil ski helmet will make you look great on any terrain and in any climate while keeping you perfectly protected.
It's a great, surprising choice that will bring you lasting fun, no matter where you take the helmet.

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