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Best Snowboards 2018

Best Snowboards
By Richard Nov 25, 2017

When you’re in the market for a new snowboard, we want you to sit back an consider a few core questions first.
Where on the mountain do you spend the most time? Are you a devoted free rider? Do you head directly to the park to practice your jumps? Is speeding down the slopes your thing? All of the above?
And possibly even more important: Are you an experienced rider and find yourself to be quite set in your ways? Or is this the first winter as a boarder for you? In other words, do you really know the definitive answer to the above questions, or are you just as likely to speed down a slope as you are giving free riding a try? Or do you simply don’t know for sure yet?

The good news is, that wherever your preferences lie there is a wide variety of boards to chose from out there! No matter if you’re set in your ways and can easily discount everything that doesn’t fit your style, or if you’re game to give every style a try once in a while, we have found boards for you.

Below are our favourite picks of snowboards of all riding styles for 2018. No matter which one you’ll go for, we’re certain you’ll have lots of fun with your new board!
So brace yourselves, boards are coming!

Snowboard Defenders of Awesome

Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard

from $420

Buy Now

The top of our list firmly belongs to this amazing all-rounder.
No matter if you're speeding down a slope or have a go in the snow park, we can guarantee that this board will make you happy.

Just as the name promises, this snowboard is made out of pure awesome!
The light-weight, highly responsive board is best suited for intermediate or advanced boarders. It definitely is our absolute favourite snowboard this season and can also impress when it comes to price. An all around perfect pick for all your riding needs!

Snowboard Boss

Bataleon Boss Snowboard

from $590

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The Boss definitely lives up to its name. It is hands down the best board when you've lost your heart to the rails and jumps of a snow park.

With the Boss you absolutely get the best you can get for your money. With its super fast base and a highly responsive carbon underfoot, this board will boost your abilities up a notch or two.
Best suited for advanced to expert riders, this snowboard will prove to be a reliable, much-loved companion that can withstand a beating if necessary.
The Boss definitely is our favourite pick for snowpark fun.

Snowboard Flight Attendant Split

Burton Flight Attendant Splitboard

from $800

Buy Now

Splitboards, that is snowboards that split in half to act as touring ski, are a relatively new invention. But, at least if it came down to us, are definitely here to stay.
Effortlessly turning your board into a means of getting to where the best powder is to be found in the backcountry is the way to go. Literally.

And what better way to create a versatile, amazing splitboard than simply cutting a much-loved, top-noch board in halves?
Sounds obvious? Yes. And that's what Burton did here. They took the standard Flight Attendant, made it perfect for freeriders, and all without losing any of its perks.
Grippy and firm when touring, floaty and great to handle when in powder, this board will make all your freeride dreams come true. It's a real wonderful snowboard for seeking freedom down unexplored mountain sides, and well worth its price.

Snowboard Silberpfeil


from $784

Buy Now

Alpine boards are extremely hard to come by these days, but we managed to find a great new carver for 2018.
Racing down the mountain, carving incredibly tight turns into the slope, that's a very special (and sadly underappreciated) experience. One that never leaves you once you get bitten by the speed bug.

F2's newest addition to alpine boards packs a punch. The finest carving technologies wrapped in super durable carbon - that's a promise right there.
The slightly softer flex than what we're used to in F2 boards makes handling this board pure joy. Targeted for advanced riders and experts, this new alpine carver is the perfect snowboard for everyone who loves great speeds and sharp turns on steep, icy slopes.

Snowboard Helix

Arbor Helix Kids’ Snowboard

from $230

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And last but not least, our favourite choice when it comes to the next generation.
For years it has been preached that kids should learn how to ski before allowing them on the board. Thankfully, this mindset is rapidly changing.

The Arbor Helix is a wonderful board targeted at absolute beginners and advanced boarders alike. It's easy to handle for kids who try their first curves on nursery slopes, but it can also carve a good turn when in the hands of a more experienced child.
What really makes the Arbor Helix the absolute best snowboard for kids currently available is the very simple fact that they didn't invent a new board, but simply took the tried and tested adult setup and simply scaled it down. And this also reflects in its more laid back, adult design.
In other words, this kid's snowboard easily can hold its own against any adult rider, while at the same time giving good vibes and much fun to those just starting out on their way to a true boarder.

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