ß Best Unicorn Gifts 2018 - Presents for Unicorn Obsessed Individuals

Best Unicorn Gifts 2018

Unicorn rainbow power for you and your friends.

By Sarah Dec 1, 2017

Humankind is divided into two fractions – those who love zombies, and those who love unicorns.

You being here shows you’re firmly on the right side of the debate and want to spread the love. (Or at least want to enable somebody who is, which is just as well.)

Unicorns combine the best of everything. Horses – but with a pointy horn. White – but usually with a dash of rainbow thrown into the mix. Cute – but with the right amount of lovably weird on top of that.
In other words: you can’t have too much unicorn in your life. Ever.

And since there’s so much great unicorn stuff out there, we’ve collected the best of the best to help you chose the perfect unicorn gift for every occasion!

Unicorn Gift Charger

DBigness Portable Unicorn Battery Charger

from $16

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There's always a good reason to absolutely need a portable charger.
Long commute to work/school? Ridiculously short battery life in your ancient phone? Prone to forget charging all your devices over night? Travelling a lot? Outdoor fan who loves to commune with nature but doesn't want to miss modern communications?

See, there's always good reasons to buy this cute and very handy gadget for the unicorn-lover in your life. (Or yourself... obviously!)

Unicorn Gifts Unicorn Farts

Bag of Unicorn Farts

from $11

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Yes, I said unicorn farts! Sounds deliciously disgusting?
It is! Delicious, that is.
Behind the slightly off-putting name there's hiding something that is universally loved: cotton candy.

Brighten your friend's day by gifting this yummy treat. I guarantee, they'll love it!

Unicorn Gifts Corkscrew

Kikkerland Corkscrew

from $14

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Need a bit of magic in your life? Unicorns can definitely do that!
And this special unicorn can magically make every evening in good company even better. Their main specialty? Magicking that next bottle of wine open in just seconds.

The perfect unicorn gadget for the connoisseur in your group of friends. (And you'll certainly reap the benefits as well!)

Unicorn Gift Marquee Light

Unicorn Marquee Battery Light

from $16

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Light up your friend's life with this beautiful marquee light.
Unicorns bring sparkle and brightness to the world. No wonder they also make for the perfect decorative lamps.

Whether mounted to a wall, on a mantle, or on that table in the corner of the room, the unicorn light is a sure way of lighting up the room and making the night a lot brighter. And we could all use a bit of brightness, right?

Unicorn Gift Bedding Set

Happy Unicorn Bedding Set

from $42

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Being bedded in unicorns is a surefire way of having sweet dreams.
And there's nothing better than giving your friend the means to fully relax every night into the sweet embrace of sparkly goodness.

This bedding set is as sweet as can be. A real stunner for the unicorn lover dear to your heart.

Unicorn Gift Mug

You - Me Cup

from $16

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Your friend loves to show the world that they're sparklier than everyone around them?
Then this sweet cup will make their mornings a lot better. Gently remind the people around them how awesome they are without ever having to utter a word. (And really, who wants to talk before their first cup of coffee is finished?)

Help your sleepyheaded friend to spread the word about their awesome personality with this lovely unicorn mug!

Zombie Unicorn Patch

from $8

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And at long last the gift for everyone who's still out there on the zombies vs. unicorns debate.
Combine both sides of the equation in one perfectly stylish patch. Applied to any jacket, t-shirt, or backpack, this great monster will draw the eyes of every bystander.

Not for the fainthearted, the zombie unicorn patch will be an instant hit with your undecided friends. (And those who just want to have the best of everything. I totally get that!)

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