ß Best Yoga Pants 2018 - Must Have Leggings for Workouts Sessions

Best Yoga Pants 2018

Comfortable and stylish pants & leggings for workout sessions.

By Sarah Nov 10, 2017

Finding the best yoga pants which are arguable the most practical and most comfortable workout clothes out there is a challenging task. They fit like a second skin, stretch in all the right places, and ultimately make you feel wonderful even before you’ve hit the first pose. In short: there’s nothing better than a good quality pair of yoga pants and once you own them, you won’t ever want to change out of them.

No matter if you’re an experienced Yogi or want to slowly slide into a Warrior Pose for the first time in your life, the following list of the best yoga pants will make you feel right at home, calm, relaxed and just in the right mindset to center yourself and give you the energy needed to tackle your day.

Your search for the perfect fit and peace of mind is finally over!

Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pant

Lululemon Wunder Under Low-Rise

from $98

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The Canada-based brand Lululemon specializes in yoga and workout clothing and has years of experience to provide you with the best and most comfortable workout clothes out there. The low rise Wunder Under offers the perfect mixture of tights that are equally well-suited for relaxing yoga or a sweaty session at the gym. With a choice of four different prints, the versatile Wonder Under pants are sure to fit both your taste and your needs!

Onzie High Rise

Onzie High Rise Graphic Legging - Delicate

from $76

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These beautiful leggings will transport your mind to a beautiful, tranquil place as soon as you slip them on. With their lovely, light pink pattern they instantly evoke memories of a tropical climate, lush flowers and palms gently swaying in the wind. On top of the fantastically stretchy fabric, the high rise waist gives you support at all the right places and won't budge even in the most advanced poses. Take a quick vacation from daily stress with those lovely pants. You won't regret it.

Beyond Yoga Full Circle Cut Out Yoga Pant

Beyond Yoga Full Circle Cut Out Capri Legging

from $88

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If you want a more subdued style but don't want to miss out on that one extra that draws the eye, these capri pants from Beyond Yoga are your best bet. With a high quality moisture-wicking fabric, a comfortable stretch that follows every movement and the circular cut out details at the hem, these pants are just the perfect fit for any of your yoga needs. And should you fancy a nice cup of tea after practice, the pants are just as much a looker in this setting. Just throw on your favourite sports bra or tee and you're rocking the perfect style as well as the perfect pose.

Sweaty Betty Chandrasana Crop

Sweaty Betty Chandrasana Crop Reversible Leggings

from $105

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If you're looking for a highly adaptable style that can be worn both trendy and traditional, we have the perfect solution for you! Sweaty Betty's Chandrasana leggings are not only super soft and extremely durable, they also come with the amazing feature of being reversible! If you feel trendy, just wear the patterned side out. If you want to go for a more subdued look, just turn the pants inside out and you've got a whole new style. Additionally, these lovely cropped yoga pants come with a lattice hem detail that makes the look even more appealing.

Teeki Jimi Hot Pants

Teeki Jimi Hot Pants

from $80

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If you want to rock the sexy destroyed look even while doing yoga practice, these Teeki pants are just the perfect choice. These incredibly eco-friendly pants are made out of used water bottles, but don't let that deter you. It might not sound like it, but these pants are incredibly lightweight, breathable and fast drying. If you want to look incredibly good and do something good for the environment at the same time, the Jimi Hot Pants are a real must-have!

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