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Birthday Party Supplies

Birthday Party Supplies
By Sarah Dec 11, 2017

No matter if it’s the first ever birthday on earth, the fabulous sweet sixteen, a legendary celebration of finally reaching majority, or a fun get together with friends to drink to a birthday where numbers are politely not mentioned any longer, there’s something all of these occasions need: party supplies!

Obviously needs and wants change depending on the age of the person celebrated, but there are a few things no party can go without. (Aside from cake, but that’s another story entirely…)

We’ve pooled our collective experiences and have come up with an assorted list of birthday party supplies that every party needs.

Let yourself be inspired, add themed items, and have a blast at your next birthday bash!

Birthday Party Supplies Balloons

Birthday Bash Balloons

from $6

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There's no birthday party without balloons. Ever.That's the golden rule of birthdays!
Decorate your venue with these colourful balloons and get that party started!

Birthday Party Supplies Banner

Birthday Decorations and Banner

from $15

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Speaking of decorations, there's another item that can't be missing at your party: a birthday banner!
This lovely set comes with 18 tissue paper pom poms and one banner, and a very handy and easy to follow instruction on how to fluff up the balls.
(Other colour schemes also available!)

Birthday Party Supplies Glimmer Strings

Blue LED Glimmer Strings

from $13

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Another thing you can't go wrong with and which adds a lovely touch to any room are these fabulous glimmer strings.
Thread them through centerpieces, decorate banisters, or give trees or larger plants an otherworldly glow. You won't regret this lovely touch to your party!

Birthday Party Supplies Confetti Poppers

Confetti Poppers

from $11

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Let's be honest, we really don't need to say anything more than confetti poppers, right?
Nothing adds more flair to the party than those little metallic pieces fluttering through the room!

Birthday Party Supplies Number Candles

Glittered Number Party Candles

from $5

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Add a sparkly touch to the tasty birthday cake with these number candles. (But make sure the celebrated won't hate you for disclosing their age first!)

Birthday Party Supplies Cake Topper

Glitter Happy Birthday Cake Topper

from $3

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For those who don't want their age plastered all over the place, this glittery cake topper gets the happy message across just as well!
Also available in silver.

Birthday Party Supplies Plates

Confetti Cake Themed Party Plates & Napkins

from $8

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Perfect for any outdoor party or in case you just don't have enough matching dishes around for your guest size, these birthday themed paper plates and napkins are the right choice for you!

Birthday Party Supplies Dinnerware

Black & Gold Disposable Dinnerware Set

from $16

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Need more than just plates and napkins?
Get a hold of this dinnerware set consisting of 24 sets of plates, napkins, cutlery, and cups, and have all your guests enjoying their food in no time at all!

Birthday Party Supplies Food Tray

Disposable Paper Food Tray

from $11

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Your party shapes up to be a veritable snack fest? You're planning on making hot dogs, nachos or fries?
Get these checkered food trays and never run out of plates and bowls for potato chips, trail mix, candy, corn dogs or even salads.

Birthday Party Supplies Cupcake Display

Cupcake and Cakepop Display Carrier

from $30

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You've decided to forego a traditional birthday cake and opt for cupcakes instead?
Get a hold of this carrier and never worry about transporting and displaying your sweet creations again!
And if you've hopped onto the cakepop bandwagon as well, this display has 40 slots for them as well!

Birthday Party Supplies Candy Bag

Personalized Birthday Candy Bags

from $12

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And finally, a lovely send-off for your guests at the end of a great party: personalized candy bags! Those were the best part of any childhood party, and are just as much fun as an adult!
Chose your design, add a message, fill with your guest's favourite treats, and see the sparkle of joy in your friend's eyes! (And if your parties tend to be particularly boozy, don't forget to add some aspirin to the fare well gift. Your guests will appreciate the thought!)

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