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Cute Desk Accessories

Desk Accessories
By Sarah Dec 11, 2017

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make your day a bit better and brighter.

Particularly when stuck at the office or in front of our desks studying, we need that little pick-me-up that makes our tasks more fun (or at least less boring).

Whether it’s something that actually helps staying on top of things, or it’s just a small trinket that catches the eye and makes you smile, we’ve collected the cutest desk accessories to help you make the most and best of your desk-time!

Desk Accessoire Plant Lamp

Decor Plant Desk Lamp and Pencil Holder

from $15

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This cute, yet stylish plant-shaped lamp comes with three adjustable light settings. The lamp neck is completely flexible and can be easily adjusted just the way you need it. Additionally, the pot gives you space to store your pens in easy reach.

Desk Accessories Avocado

Avocado Eraser and Pencil Sharpener

from $10

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You can't go wrong with avocados, right? Right!
This adorable eraser and pencil sharpener set is just the right gimmick to brighten up your work space.

Desk Accessories Bunny

Bunny Desk Organizer

from $25

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Bunnies are cuteness personified in and of themselves. Add a carrot and hearts all over the office will melt into a puddle of squee.
With the hidden scissors and the handy paper clip holder, this little animal will make you want to do paper work. We promise.

Desk Accessories Penguin Tabs

Penguin Index Sticky Note

from $3

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There's no better way to mark important parts in a book or paper than with those lovely penguin sticky note.
Let the adorable animals guide you through your research, you won't regret it!

Desk Accessories Rainbow Tape

Arc My Words Tape Dispenser

from $15

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We love leaving notes all over the place around here! Be it little encouragements, things that need to be done, or just that funny quote we heard a moment ago, there's nothing that doesn't end up taped somewhere in this office.
And honestly, there's nothing more cheerful than securing your little reminders to walls, desks, cupboards or screens with this incredible rainbow sticky tape. It's fun, it's cute, it's perfect!

AccMart Adjustable Feet Hammock

from $15

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Sometimes all you want to do is stretch out and just relax when you've been stuck to the desk for hours on end. But you just can't because there's still too much work left to be done...
With this little hammock you can easily bring some vacation feeling into your office. Just slip off your shoes, put your feet into the comfortable hammock, and things will look up instantly!

Desk Accessories Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hand Sanitizer Desktop Dispenser

from $17

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Working in close contact with customers can be a challenge. Particularly in winter when colds and the flu are sweeping through society.
Make sure you'll get through the season healthy by using hand sanitizer. And make using that little germ killer a lot more fun with this great desktop disperser holding the bottle for you!

Desk Accessories Caesar

Ides of March Pen and Pencil Holder

from $20

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Refrain from blowing up at your coworkers or customers in a fit of anger by stabbing Ceasar in the back instead! (He's used to it by now...)
This stylish pencil holder will get a kick out of every history buff and makes for a great desk accessory even if you're just in for the cool looks!

Desk Accessories Memosaurus

Memo-saurus Desk Organizer

from $15

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Everybody loves dinosaurs. And we're particularly in love with this species: the incredible Memo-saurus!
There's really no better way of holding slips of paper than in the maw of a dino. And if said dinosaur also happens to provide storage for your pens and comes with a note pad, well then the reptile is doing an incredible job as cute desk accessory!

Desk Accessories Toaster

Toaster Desk Accessory

from $22

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This little toaster is just the perfect desk accessory for the foodie of the office.
With its toast-shaped note pads, a handy pencil sharpener and magnetic sides to hold your paper clips, this little gadget is nearly as good as a real PB&J. (But given the choice we'll always pick having BOTH the toaster on our desk and a BP&J to snack on!)

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