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Shatterproof Christmas Balls

Christmas Balls
By Sarah Dec 13, 2017

Whether you’ve recently up- or downgraded your Christmas tree in size, or it’s your first Christmas with a new baby or pet, or you just want something new. The reasons for investing in a new set of Christmas ornaments are vast (and always good!)

Particularly when you’ve recently become a parent (be it for a tiny human, a cute puppy, or a very curious kitty), investing in shatterproof Christmas balls is an all-around smart idea. And these days unbreakable doesn’t translate to ugly-as-can-be any more!

Grab a mug of festive hot chocolate (or mulled wine, if you prefer), sit back, and let us introduce you to the best and most beautiful shatterproof Christmas ornaments that will brighten up your tree!

Christmas Balls Silver Set

Sea Team 72-Pack Assorted Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments Set

from $36

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This silver set features an assortment of traditional Christmas ornaments ranging from balls to trees, and will make your tree sparkle and glitter just right.
The ornaments are made of durable eco-friendly plastic. Even in case of a break, the shards won't hurt your child or pet the same way as glass would.

Christmas Balls Peacock Set

Valery Madelyn Regal Peacock Shatterproof Christmas Ball

from $10

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You need a bit more colour in your life? Then this peacock-inspired ball set is just perfect for you!
The colourful combinations of fuchsia, blue and green make for an amazingly beautiful spot of colour to brighten up your tree without ever seeming like "too much".

Christmas Balls Copper Set

Sea Team Shatterproof Christmas Ball Set

from $15

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This glittery handmade copper-coloured Christmas ball set will put a sparkle in your holidays!
Made out of durable plastic the 30 balls are lovingly decorated with high-quality glitter and oil-paint.

Christmas Balls Burgundy Champagne Set

Yoland 24-Pack Shatterproof Christmas Balls

from $17

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This amazingly beautiful burgundy and champagne ball set puts a fancy touch to your Christmas decorations.
The colour-combination lends itself to create a very unique style and easily hides the fact that these baubles are indeed not made out of glass, but of shatterproof plastic.

Christmas Balls Silver Ball Set

Sea Team Shatterproof Christmas Balls Set

from $13

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This lovely silver Christmas ball set serves double duty. The lovingly embossed ornaments look simply stunning glittering away on your tree. And due to them being on the small side (60mm/2.36") they also lend themselves perfectly to be used as dinner table decoration.

Christmas Balls Red White Green Set

iPEGTOP Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments

from $11

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You're looking for a very traditional set of Christmas balls? Especially when it comes to colour? Then this gorgeous mix of green, red, and white baubles is just the right fit for you!
Made from eco-friendly plastic adorned with hand-painted Christmas elements, these balls are just the right choice for a lively tree.

Christmas Ball Pastel Blue Set

KI Store Shatterproof Pastel Christmas Balls

from $10

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This beautiful 24-piece set is just too beautiful in its rather reduced way. The lovely pastel blue colours will subtly draw the eye with their beauty without ever stealing the show from those gathered around the tree.
Even from up close you won't believe they're made up of high quality plastic rather than more filigree materials.

Christmas Balls Snowman Set

iPEGTOP Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments

from $6

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And at last, the secret favourite of all of us at the office.
A bit different, but certainly great fun, this 6-piece set of cute snowmen will be an absolute hit for those young at heart, or the children. A particular perk are the red "3D" ears that give those ball that little extra that will forever endear them to you and your family!

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